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File a claim for WATER damage to your business or property. Catastrophic damage isurance claims

Recovering from a disaster alone can lead to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Now, try interpreting a complex insurance policy, coverage issues, and the burden to prove every detail of your loss to the insurance company. Dealing with destruction to your property from a disaster is not something you can take on alone.

There are three types of “adjusters” who you may interact with over the course of the claim.

  • staff adjuster (referred to as the “insurance adjuster”) works for the interests of the insurance company.
  • An independent adjuster also works for insurance companies, not for policyholders. They are an independent agent rather than an employee, so an independent adjuster maybe working for multiple insurance companies.
  • public insurance claims adjuster is the only entity legally able to represent and work exclusively for policyholders and never for the insurance companies. This means there is no conflict of interest when it comes to advocating on your behalf to the insurance company.

Public Insurance Claims Adjusters are by law, experts who work exclusively for the policyholder and never for the insurance company. Following a disaster, Public Insurance Claims Adjusters prepare detailed scope and cost estimates many times using experts to prove the loss. Public Insurance Claims Adjusters also review and interpret the insurance policy to determine covered and uncovered items and to negotiate with the insurance company to a final and fair settlement.

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